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Watch ADA Law & Lawsuits - Section 6

Watch ADA Law & Lawsuits - Section 6


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ADA Law & Lawsuits - Section 6

ADA Law & Lawsuits Online Class • 4m 10s

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    In this section, we dive into exceptions to full compliance with ADA requirements. This includes perhaps the most important topic for business buildings that pre-date the ADA – the “readily achievable” standard. Strict compliance with ADA rules for existing buildings is only required when it is “...

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    In this section, we discuss policies that are required by the ADA, as well as those instances in which changing policies to accommodate the disabled is not required. Policies that may be required by law are very broad and we discuss the specific language governing policy changes, as well as some ...

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    In this section, we get to a topic that should be of interest to any business that has a website (and does not want to be sued) – ADA website compliance. This falls within the broader topic of “auxiliary aids and services” that the law requires to be provided to the disabled (such as, for example...