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Watch ADA Law & Lawsuits - Section 2

Watch ADA Law & Lawsuits - Section 2


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ADA Law & Lawsuits - Section 2

ADA Law & Lawsuits Online Class • 15m

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    In this section, we review which businesses the ADA requirements apply to, and those businesses that the requirements do not apply to. The ADA does not cover every American business or every physical location in which businesses are located. There is a specific list of covered businesses, which t...

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    In this section, we discuss actual ADA requirements. Now that we have reviewed who is disabled, and which businesses are covered by the ADA, the next question is what the law requires of covered businesses in relation to the disabled. Here we discuss the types of ADA accommodations (physical barr...

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    In this section, we dive right into the substance of what is required to comply with the ADA. As part of our review, we discuss where to find the rules, and how the rules are organized and laid out. We discuss how to navigate the regulations to find the specific ADA rules that may apply to any sp...