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Watch ADA Law & Lawsuits - Section 10

Watch ADA Law & Lawsuits - Section 10


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ADA Law & Lawsuits - Section 10

ADA Law & Lawsuits Online Class • 11m

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    In this section, we cover the fact that thousands of these lawsuits are filed by a relatively small number of disabled plaintiffs, often referred to as serial lawsuit filers, or “tester plaintiffs.” The concept of the tester lawsuit in the civil rights context is discussed, including how it has t...

  • ADA Law & Lawsuits - Section 12

    In this section, we discuss some final issues, including ways for businesses to check whether they are ADA compliant (other than looking up the rules themselves), and certain benefits and advantages of becoming ADA compliant (other than avoiding lawsuits) such as creating access for disabled indi...

  • ADA Law & Lawsuits - Bonus Section

    In the bonus materials, we review actual ADA lawsuits that have been filed in court, and we track the allegations to demonstrate how they line up with the topics and issues discussed throughout this class. We also review actual court-filed defenses in ADA cases, and we compare those to the exempt...